its not training

Skills are those abilities, which improve with practice. For example, making a great sales pitch is a skill. Writing efficient code is a skill. Driving a car is a skill.

To build or improve skills, training programs are used. They involve a demonstration by an expert, so that learners know exactly what is to be done. What follows is repeated practice by learners, to iron out the difficulties. The age-old apprentice system is a good example of a training program, as applied in the artisanal skills area.

But taking charge is a different ball game. It’s about feeling ownership and confidence and willingness to play a bigger game. How does an expert demonstrate all this?

Quite a different method has to be used for something like this. It may involve deep-diving into motivations. Or identifying mental road-blocks & resolving them.

Next, it may involve negotiating with the immediate work-environment. And low-risk experimentation in a sandbox environment.

Finally, there needs to be a real test. In a real environment. The sink or swim moment.

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