time for priorities

At early stage startups, founders need to be hands-on, lead by example and pretty much do whatever needs doing. After all it’s a survival issue. But there comes a point when founders need to pull back from the nitty-gritty of everyday things. And focus on the next big step or handle the external interface.

If you’re at such a stage, and your Direct Reports aren’t ready to take charge, it could be a terrible dilemma for you. Where do you direct your attention: to keep your ship afloat or to catch the next big wave?

But just imagine the opposite. What if your DRs could become self-driven. They could think up new ideas to grow or streamline your business; they could solve problems on their own; they wouldn’t pull you into operational tasks every now and then.

This isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a well-thought out and tested program which already exists. Find out more about it here.